Focuses on the needs of our members primarily through fellowship, care, benevolence and social celebrations. This in turn comprises of the following units:

  • Women’s Fellowship: This unit is designed for women (married & single) within and outside the church. The purpose is to encourage a praying culture among the women as well as a practical application of the Bible.
  • Benevolence: This unit is charged with the responsibility of taking care of those in need of welfare assistance in the church and PCF (PEOPLE CARE FELLOWSHIP).
  • Events & Celebrations


Business Fellowship: This unit aims to develop entrepreneurial skills in order to grow business owners and employers. It also ensures that members are taught and encouraged to build ethical businesses that will be operated by the principles of the word and are therefore built to last.

Focuses on empowering leaders intellectually through training and other empowerment strategies. This is made up of:

  • Training
  • Electronic Media(Internet)
  • Outreaches (Prision,Hospital,Needy)


Focuses on the needs of prospective and new members’ primarily through follow up and soul winning .This unit comprises of the following:

  • Converts and Guest follow up: This unit ensures that guests are invited within 48hours after the first day of attendance and encourage those who intend to say to join Quantum Academy.(Training School)
  • Information Management: Ensure proper and prompt dissemination of information
  • Drama: To organize play lets drama that will minister to the congregation during services and special programmes.
  • Decoration: To ensure that the church auditorium and surroundings is well decorated and maintained at all times.
  • Greeters & Ushers: This unit ensures that the members and guests are warmly received into the church.
  • Security: This unit ensures that cars within the premises are well as others asset of the church.
  • Singled Out: made up of singles in the church of marriageable age. Their function is to generate ideas and organize programs to minister to singles through seminars, outreaches and conferences and they meet every last Saturdays of every month.


Focuses on the spiritual development of members to maturity primarily through bible study and prayers. This team comprises of the following units:

  • Prayer Unit : This unit coordinates prayers in all the church meetings, to ensure that the guest prayer request are prayed over and refer important issues to Pastor- in –charge to also provide prayer cover for the church including the junior church.
  • New Souls Follow-up: This unit folows up and monitors the growth and integration of new converts.
  • Bible Study Group: This unit counts produces outlines for PCF meetings and coordinates review outlines for PCF leaders. It also ensures that the word level of the member is encouraging.


Focuses on deepening individual relationship with God through worship with an extension into social responsibility initiatives as a way of serving humanity.