Specialized Fellowship


Today’s woman is a very busy one. The herculean task of balancing the family, home, business and/or career as well as finding her purpose and place in the larger picture can all but wear out the strongest woman.

Realizing, however that she can and will function better wearing the various caps she does when she draws from the Source, Vessels of Virtue – a fellowship for married, divorced and widowed women- provides the necessary support and encouragement.

Encouraging a strong prayer base, issues peculiar to women are discussed at the monthly meetings with a view to finding lasting and practical solutions to the business of living. In First Assembly, we believe that each person has a ministry and this view is expressed in our fellowships. The Womens Fellowship of First Assembly has specialised ministries such as Home Front ministry, Career and Finance ministry, Relationship ministry and Wholeness ministry.

Testimonies of attitudinal change resulting in restoration of peace in homes have been recorded. Women have left our meetings understanding what their purpose is with fresh fire to take on the challenges that daily beset them.


This is a dynamic fellowship of young unmarried ladies and gentlemen. It was recorded that the first king of Israel (Saul) stood out among all of Israel. David (the second king) also had some outstanding qualities. It is therefore imperative that one cannot make a difference running with the pack. Singled Out has been given the mandate of empowering single people so that they stand out in every area: career, business, relationships & leadership.

The meetings which hold last Saturday of the month at 4pm are usually interactive with a strong flavour of the Word of God.


Our men’s fellowship was inaugurated on the premise that the man of the house will determine the direction for the family. When the men are therefore properly grounded in the Word of God, their leadership abilities will be better. This will impact on the family and ultimately the nation.

Men’s Coalition provides a platform where upwardly mobile men discuss the vicissitudes of striking a balance and being the men they were created to be. The vision of Men’s Coalition is to build the total man.