First Teen

The Christian teen generally needs to step up their game. It’s not cool for us to just sit and let people talk down on us. We need to step up for Christ, because He stepped up for us. There are two factors that are to our advantage and these must be utilized to the maximum. These factors are TIME and CHANCE and they are advantages you have over grownups. Don’t waste them.

Paying a little more attention to what we INVEST our time in today will really determine what we BECOME tomorrow. There is nothing like SPARE TIME, every TIME is tied to a CHANCE. Use every opportunity to add value to yourself. Read a book, watch a documentary, read the bible, pray, study & hang out with God-minded friend. Make impact by talking to a friend about Jesus or start or be a part of a help outreach. However if you are not determined about these two factors, they will slip off your hand and you will wish you have them again.