People ask you questions – relatives, friends, colleagues, customers and even competitors. But when a mentor or coach asks, your response will give away your entire mindset and summarize your whole learning experience.

In a learning experience, the direction of questions is expected to be from bottom up.  That is, from the learner to the life coach.  But sometimes too, questioning can change direction. The leader can ask the associate. The wisdom is for the evolving leader to know that the purposes are different and to know how to respond to a senior’s question rather than run with into the error of assumption.  Great, intelligent and busy leaders view an associate’s actions based on assumptions without clarifications as being presumptuous.

1. The associate asks questions to learn but the leader asks to find out how much the associate has learned.
2. A mentor’s question has the answer before the question is posed. Therefore, the associate is to listen properly to gain a clue to the real issue.
3. The mentor’s question is not usually the issue but the motive of his inquiry. The right attitude therefore is to listen, listen and listen before you respond.
4. A mentor’s question is a test of how well the associate understands his (mentor’s) person, purpose principles and program of the associate’s on-going development.
c) A mentor asks to find out the extent of wisdom the associate has gleaned directly from him, and not primarily for him to learn from the associate. The associate may try to impress but the mentor’s objective is to impart.

The mentor’s question(s) may be posed more than once. The associate’s consistent reply may affect the display of attitude from his life coach. When a mentor feels you know he is a helper of your purpose, his impartation juice pumps more in your direction.

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